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Kokopelli Packrafts on the Tumut River

Kokopelli Packrafts on the Tumut River

Kokopelli Packrafts have been in store for a few weeks now, but in the midst of the silly season we haven't had the chance to take them out for a run. Earlier in the week, the stars finally aligned and we were able to head out for a casual evening cruise down the Tumut River. The Tumut River is only a few hundred metres from the store (and pub), so a short drive upstream and we have an easy after work adventure.  

Three Kokopelli packrafts in the back of a small car

One of the biggest advantages of packrafts, among many, is how packable they are. We were able to fit three rafts, paddles, pumps, life jackets and ourselves into the back of Dom's Ford Fiesta. Can't do that with kayaks!

Depending on the model, Kokopelli's packrafts can roll down to the size of a sleeping bag. We were lazy and threw them in the back of the car unrolled. Minutes after locking the door and flipping the sign from open to closed we were cruising down the Snowy Mountains highway towards the Junction. The Junction is a nice park area where the Tumut River meets the Goobarragandra River, it's a local go-to for swimming, picnics, fly fishing, paddling and even a casual slack line. 

Inflating Kokopelli Packrafts by the Tumut River

The rafts inflate literally in seconds, we used the Feather Pump to inflate and finished off with the Nano Barrel Pump to pressurise. 

Floating under the gumtrees on a Kokopelli Packraft, down the Tumut RiverThe river is high and fast after all the rain we've had recently, making the 4 km paddle from the Junction to the Old Bridge in town a quick 45 minute journey. A perfect after work adventure to soak up the warm weather and get the most out the day. 

Paddling down the Tumut River on Kokopelli Packrafts, passing the Tumut RacecourseAs we paddle through town we pass the Tumut Racecourse, Riverside Cafe and the popular river walk. Walkers, cyclists and fisherman pass us by. 

Paddling under the Old Bridge on the Tumut River on Kokopelli Packrafts

The Old Bridge is at the end of Tumut's Main Street, in Bila Park. Although it's no longer used and has been replaced by a newer bridge further down stream, it's an iconic Tumut landmark. 

Carrying Kokopelli Packrafts through Bila Park, near the Tumut River.It's a short, couple of hundred metres from the old bridge, through Bila Park and to the pub. And, around the corner from the pub is our store. An effortless feat when your raft weighs less then 6kg! 

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