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A loon floatant holder

Brand | Loon Outdoors

Loon strives to create the best fly-fishing accessories, tying gear and on stream products, that are harmless to wildlife, without compromising performance.

If you need to keep your fly floating, sink it, clip-something or fix something, Loon most likely has the product for you. Loon's fly dressings are the industry standard and their UV products are probably holding together more pairs of waders and flies than any other resin. 

Loon tools are precision engineered and built to last. Have a chat with any guide and chances are they'll have a pair of Loon forceps, scissors or clippers on their body somewhere; probably attached by a Loon retractor clip too... 

Here at Tom's Outdoors we have an extensive range of Loon products to choose from and are happy to guide you towards the best for your situation. 

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