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Spend $200 on Icebreaker and Save $50!
Spend $200 on Icebreaker and Save $50!

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The wild rivers of New Zealand provide some of the spookiest fish and the clearest waters on the planet! That’s why Category 3 Fly Company knows that pin point accuracy and the right choice of fly can be the difference between landing a big one and going home empty handed. 

Those of you that have been fortunate enough to fish the wilderness rivers of New Zealand know just how technical it can be. Category 3 Fly Company, a small independent fly company based in Taupo, New Zealand have been creating performance flies for over 15 years.

Thankfully for us, they understand their sister country Australia, and know what works here too! Developing patterns and tweaking old ones, you can be sure you’ll be using flies of the highest performance and durability.

When it comes to luring a big one, trust a brand that's reliable and proudly endorsed by us here at Tom's Outdoors. 

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