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Packrafting the Goobarragandra River

Packrafting the Goobarragandra River

Chris and Dom snuck out of work to take advantage of the wet weather and headed out for a cheeky packraft on the Goobarragandra River.

Inflating the Kokopelli Recon Self-Bailing PackraftInflating the Kokopelli Nirvana Self-Bailing PackraftUnroll, inflate, pressurise. As usual with packrafts, it's a quick setup. They literally inflate in minutes (not an understatement).

Chris putting on his NRS drysuit to stay dry while paddlingIt was a cold and miserable, the type of day where it just drizzles all day. Bad weather doesn't worry Chris with his power ranger dry suit. As a wise person once said, 'there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear'.

Paddling the Goobarragandra from the Thomas Boyd Track-head

Chris and Dom started at the Thomas Boyd Trackhead, for a taste of some smaller rapids before heading up to what is known as 'The Chute'.

Viewing the Goobarragandra river from the swinging bridge at the Thomas Boyd Trackhead

Chris going over the game plan. This bridge forms part of the Hume and Hovell track that passes through the Thomas Boyd Track Head. The track head is a great spot to camp. Spend your days hiking, fishing, paddling, swimming followed by nights around the campfire.

Approaching the first set of rapids on the Goobarragandra River

Approaching the first set of rapids.

Packrafting on the Goobarragandra River

All smiles after a successful first run!

Carrying the packrafts back up alongside the Goobarragandra riverThe beauty of pack rafting is doing a quick run, hopping out and walking back for another go.

Carrying the Kokopelli Recon Self-Bailing Packraft

A little bit of a scrub bash getting back up to the road. It's no trouble for the durability of a Kokopelli.

Walking with the packrafts heading back to the Thomas Boyd Trackhead

Tying the packrafts down

Time to move on to some bigger rapids upstream. The lazy option was taken and the packrafts were strapped to the roof, rather than deflate and re-inflate when we got to the next spot. Arguably this would take just as long. Lucky they are light!

One of the rapids on the Goobarragandra River

Scouting the next rapid, this one is known as 'The Chute'. It's Dom's first time taking on grade 3 water so Chris is doing a little coaching.

Paddling down one of the rapids on the Goobarragandra river

The sensei showing the student how it's done.

Ready o take on the rapids on the Goobarragandra riverDom's turn, note Chris is ready with the rescue rope ;)

Paddling the rapids on the Goobarragandra River

Weeeeee! Nailed it.

A quick debrief before another attempt.

A quick debrief before another attempt.

A solid start.

A solid start.

A not so solid finish

A not so solid finish.



Smooth sailing down the Goobarragandra river back to the cars at Thomas Boyd Trackhead

And then all smooth sailing back to the car shuttle.

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