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Hyperlite Mountain Gear in Jagungal Wilderness

Hyperlite Mountain Gear in the Jagungal Wilderness

Written by Dom Erbacher

Photography by Henry Smith

Round Mountain Trail in Kosciuszko National Park
Round Mountain Trail in Jagungal Wilderness

Opting for an anti-clockwise route, we set off along Round Mountain Trail with 3 days worth of food and some new products from Hyperlite Mountain Gear, all packed into the 3400 Junction Pack. For shelter we used the Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2 Lightweight Pyramid Shelter. 

Derschkos Hut in Kosciuszko National Park

Roughly 14km from the trailhead, we reached Derschkos Hut. Stopping briefly to flick through the logbook and appreciate the stories, art and classic hiker humour found in every Kosciuszko Hut visitors book. 

Filling up with fresh water from the Tumut River
Setting up the Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2

We found a cracking spot at the base of Mount Jagungal and wasted no time setting up camp for the night, hoping to reach the peak of Jagungal by sunset. 

Setting up the Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2
Thick scrub on the climb up Mount Jagungal

After setting up camp, we followed the scrubby 'trail' to the ridge and towards the summit. 

Nearing the top of Mount Jagungal
Remaining snow from winter on Mount Jagungal

An obligatory Jagungal snow-slide. 

Looking out from the Trig on top of Mount Jagungal

Reaching the trig right on golden hour, we enjoyed panoramic views of the Jagungal Wilderness and Australian Alps. 

Hyperlite Mountain Gear 3400 Junction Pack on top of Mount Jagungal
The view from the top of Mount Jagungal

The temperature dropped with the sun as we began our descent at last light. 

Lighting the Soto Amicus Hiking Stove

We'd hiked about 20km during the day on mostly empty stomachs. Running on empty, we decided to stop and cook dinner halfway down the mountain before making our way back to camp.

Day 2

Walking around Mount Jagungal in Kosciuszko National Park

Early the next morning we woke to the sound of rain on the tent, eventually breaking camp in search of O'Keefes Hut. 

Relaxing at O'Keefes Hut
Warming up by the fire at O'Keefes Hut
Crossing Bogong creek in the Jagungal Wilderness

With camp for the night yet to be determined, we continued around the circuit with Jagungal at our backs. Sighting late-season spawners as we crossed the Bogong Creek. 

Camp by the Tumut River in the Jagungal Wilderness

At dusk, we made camp by the Tumut River for our last night on the trail. Enjoying a hearty freeze-dried meal and nodding off after another decent day of hiking.

Day 3

Early morning camp in the Jagungal Wilderness of Kosciuszko National Park
Crossing the Tumut River in the Jagungal Wilderness

Following a relaxed start to the day we paced up and down the river for a while, sighting trout and kicking ourselves for not bringing a rod. Eventually, we made the crossing and trekked 4km uphill to the car park. Saying goodbye to another incredible high-country retreat. 

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