LifeSystems Heatshield Bag - Lightweight Heat Reflective Bag


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The Heatshield Bag is a lightweight, reusable bag that provides total body coverage for any situation in which you need or want to retain body heat; whether that's out on the mountainside on a winter trek, or during an endurance adventure race.

The LifeSystems Heatshield Bag reflects and retains over 90% of radiated body heat. It's made from strong, metallic polyethylene with taped seams. It is windproof and waterproof, with the added bonus of being radar reflective to make location easier by emergency services should the situation call for it. The Bag comes with its own compact storage sack, meaning you can stow it away easily ready for the next time you want it.

Weight:110g Dimensions (packed):70 x 60 x 60mm Dimensions (unpacked):210 x 90cm