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Flyz Inc Mega Clouser Pink/White

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SKU MC02-6

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Hook Size: 6/0

It's a Clouser, with more Mega


Take everything you love about the Clouser minnow, Inject it with enough steroids to keep Schwarzenegger and Stallone going in their prime, and you come out with this monster. With an ultra-tough Gamakatsu SL12S hook for a base, extra-long synthetic tail for movement and durability (with a mono guard tied under to prevent hook wrapping), short ultra UV buck-tail wing and giant heavy eyes to get down in any current this thing is a bomb.

Think Queenfish in channels, Mangrove-Jack, Barramundi and Flathead so big they eat 'normal' flathead for breakfast. Even though it's great for deep work on sinking lines it's also perfectly suited for floating or sink tip lines on coral bombies, to pull out Coral Trout or Sweetlip Emperor or for stripping fast across a flat for big old Dusky Flathead on the south coast.

Tied in the only two colours that need to exist, chartreuse and hot pink, it's here, its fluro and fish will engulf it.


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