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Kosciuszko National Park Post-Bushfire Hut Rebuild | Part 3: Vickerys Hut

Kosciuszko National Park Post-Bushfire Hut Rebuild | Part 3: Vickerys Hut

Vickerys Hut is a humble log cabin located beside Jounama Creek at the Northern end of Kosciuszko National Park. The hut was originally built in 1938 by sheep and cattle graziers Ross and Noel Vickery, and in 2023, was rebuilt following the devastating 2020 bushfires. Vickerys Hut is the third of 11 Kosciuszko huts to be restored and reopened, following Sawyers Rest House and Delanys Hut. 

The process of rebuilding Vickerys Hut is a testament to both tradition and innovation. While the original construction relied on cross-cut saws and axes, modern techniques now play a crucial role. During the rebuild process, the hut was prefabricated in the Tumut depot. As with other huts in the rebuild program, some of the timber used has been milled from trees burnt during the bushfires. The log foundation was then meticulously numbered and dismantled before being transported to the site with the assistance of the Wagga Wagga 4WD Club. At the hut site, the hut was then reassembled with historical accuracy while keeping to modern-day building requirements and improved protection from future bushfire threats. 
Vickerys Hut during construction in Tumut
Vickerys Hut during the rebuild
Vickerys Hut post-fire rebuild Kosciuszko National Park
Vickerys Hut is unique as it is one of only three huts in Kosciuszko National Park to feature an interlocking log construction. The Chaff shed is also distinctive as it was constructed resourcefully, with flattened kerosene and honey tins used to line the exterior walls. The Chaff shed has been rebuilt from old cans and honey tins that have been kindly donated.
Vickerys Hut and Chaff Shed in Kosciuszko National Park
The hut rebuild program is coordinated by project officer Megan Bowden and made physically possible by National Parks builder Roger Rosenboom and Field Officer Peter Dow. Megan, Roger and Peter are employed by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and were involved in the hut rebuild program after the 2003 fires. With over 70 huts spread across Kosciuszko National Park, each with a unique story and construction, the restoration project aims to recreate the physical structures while keeping the social connections and heritage alive.
Vickerys Hut near Jounama Creek in Kosciuszko National Park
The rebuild of the 11 Kosciuszko huts that succumbed to the January 2020 bushfires is a testament to the dedication and partnership among the various stakeholders involved. These stakeholders have succeeded in adhering closely to historical details, transferring time-honoured construction techniques and integrating measures to resist fire, preserving the huts for forthcoming generations.
Re-Opening of Vickerys Hut in Kosciuszko National Park

Huts to be rebuilt:

For more information on the Huts in Kosciuszko or to get involved with the rebuild, visit the Kosciuszko Huts Association here.

Tom's Outdoors would like to thank:

Megan Bowden for her ongoing support in the making of this series
Roger Rosenboom and Peter Dow
Kosciuszko Huts Association and its members
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Tumut & District Bushwalkers and all other volunteers
Wagga Wagga 4WD Club
The Vickery, Dunn and McGrath family descendants

Filmed and edited:

Dean Johnson

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