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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!

C & F Design Standard Bobbin Holder

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Spin up flies left, right and centre.

The C & F Design Standard Bobbin Holder is a premium fly-tying bobbin perfect for all sizes of flies from the 2/0 clousers down to the #20 griffiths gnats. The ceramic tube protects delicate threads from breakages, and a foam insert in the tube keeps tension on the thread at all times for easy tying. The Standard Bobbin Holder is the perfect size for most hands to tie comfortably and efficiently.


  • Bobbin tube, made of Zirconium ceramic, reduces the risk of thread breakage
  • Non-slip knurling and cylinder lines on the body
  • Sufficient weight keeps tension on the material by just hanging
  • Micro Slit Foam in the tube constantly puts tension on the thread and prevents the tube from clogging
  • Bobbin threader included
  • Claimed Weight: 18g

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