Millers Hut Camp

Earlier this week Henry and Dom headed up the mountains for a quick overnight at Millers Hut, located on Long Plain in Kosciuszko National Park. 

Like many of the Huts in Kosciuszko, there is a visitors book full of stories and memories from previous adventurers. They always make for an interesting read. 

Autumn is a great time for hiking in the mountains and exploring the many huts of Kosciuszko before they are blanketed in snow. Also, the nights are starting to get cold which is perfect for enjoying the warmth of a fire. 

Is there anything better than a hot cup of coffee and crisp mountain air while watching the sunrise through the trees?
Millers hut is secluded yet accessible. It is a great base camp for if you are wanting to explore the long plain area further or even better for if you just want a quiet night away from it all.

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