Backcountry Ski Trip - Whites River Hut

Winter is still in full swing in the Snowy Mountains. Last weekend Chris and Henry escape the confines of the store for a few days exploring the backcountry. They were joined by three of Chris's mates and spent two nights camping by Whites River Hut. The area provides easy access to The Granite Peaks and the Rolling Ground. 
Following the aquaduct pipe up the initial ascent.
Arriving at Whites River Hut after a solid uphill ski.
Camp for the two days. Tents sorted. 
The hut was great protection for cooking meals.
We woke on the second day to an inch of snow covering everything!
Backcountry touring skis vs splitboard vs snowshoes... all are equals on the uphill!
A day of skiing from camp up the mountains.
Lunch with a view.
Looking back down the valley before the final descent.
Its not always easy.
The last few kilometres were a walk on marginal snow and gravel
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