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Pockets Hut Cloud Formations | Kosciuszko National Park

Pockets Hut Cloud Formations | Kosciuszko National Park

We could lay back and watch the clouds for hours, but we don't always have hours to spare. Our videographer, Dean, recently spent some time at Pockets Hut and combined footage of the evening storm build up into a time-lapse. Perfect for when you are in need of a few quiet minutes for some deep breaths and a moment of zen.

Pockets Hut was originally a luxury location for its time, built by the wealthy company, Australian Estates of Cooma. The hut had all the trimmings of homestead living, including electricity, running water and comfortable furniture. The original manager of the property was believed to have taken occasional fishing trips to nearby Blue Waterholes in his Rolls Royce. In today's times, Pockets Hut is visited by hikers, bikers and explorers alike enjoying Kosciuszko National Park.


Kosciuszko Huts Association

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