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Spend & Save on icebreaker!
Spend & Save on icebreaker!

Trangia Storm Cooker Wind Shield

by Trangia
Original price $36.99 - Original price $46.99
Original price
$36.99 - $46.99
Current price $43.99
SKU TRA642703
Model: Series 27 Upper Windshield

Spare parts to the Trangia Storm Proof Stove System

Even the most rugged pieces of equipment can become banged up and lost over time, and if you find your Trangia system has parts that are lost, broken or damaged fear not, the beauty of these systems is that each part is individually replaceable. 

Series 25 Upper Windshield 

This is the top piece that protects the flame from going out while you cook your food. It also has clips to hold your pan in place in strong winds and storms. (hence the name- storm proof). 

Series 27 Upper Windshield 

This 27 does the same job as the 25, but a slightly smaller version. It also has the unique clips on the sides to hold cooking pans in place, the only difference to the 25, of course, is the size. Make sure before purchasing your replacement you check the size you already have.  

Series 27 Lower Windshield

This is the lower part of the Trangia system. Providing the base of the windshield system that the rest of the system relies on for stability. 

Series 27 Lower Windshield Hard Anodised

Similar to the 27 Lower Windshield, this Lower piece also provides a stable base but comes a hard anodised coating to protect against wear and corrosion. Much easier to clean than Aluminium.


  • Ultralight Aluminium - (UL) 5005 is 50% stronger than regular Aluminium, thinner and more lightweight
  • Hard Anodizing surface treatment- scratch resistant. This protects against corrosion and wear and tear
  • Non-stick – Trangia's non-stick is PTFE and free from PFOA 

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