Trangia 27-2 UL Ultra-Light Stove Set with Kettle

An ultralight solution for the weight-savvy hiker. The 27-2UL is the ultimate alcohol-fueled hiking stove set.

This small, compact stove takes up little room in your pack and is perfect for one to two hikers. The pans are not too small and the kettle is sized accordingly. The 27-2 UL includes one graduated 1-litre saucepan, one ungraduated 1-litre saucepan, an 18cm frying pan, upper & lower windshields, a burner, pan grip and a strap. The 27-2UL also includes a bonus 600mL kettle.


  • The ultra-light aluminium is perfect for weight-conscious hikers.
  • Alcohol fuel is safe and clean burning (methylated spirit)
  • The set includes - two 1-litre saucepans, 18cm frying pan, upper & lower windshields, burner, pan grip and strap. A bonus 600mL kettle is included.
  • The 27-2UL comes with a Trangia satisfaction guarantee.


  • Material - Ultralight Aluminium
  • Weight - 825g
  • Made in Sweden.