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The Voyage Of The Cormorant

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In a time dominated by exaggerated "adventure" narratives, where social media overshadows genuine personal development, Christian Beamish's The Voyage of the Cormorant shines as an authentic guiding light. The expedition was born from Beamish's everyday occupation, the boat meticulously crafted by his own hands, and the considerable risks he undertook were solely his to contemplate.

Beamish embarks on a voyage with destinations that transcend physical coordinates, delving deep into his innermost being, and his writing is a sincere and captivating testament to this journey. The book inspires all those who have yearned for a simpler existence, offering a vision of disconnection from the digital world.


  • 328 pages, with full-colour illustrations throughout
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 21cm
  • Published by Patagonia
  • Paperback book
  • ISBN: 978-1-938340-66-6

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