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The Imperiled Cutthroat: Tracing The Fate Of Yellowstone's Native Trout By Greg French

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Through this book, Patagonia has been able to work with a renowned Australian fishing writer Greg French.

Grey French gives a sparkling first-hand account of the history and plight of wild cutthroat in Yellowstone while highlighting other great places to fish for trout.

Yellowstone, the world’s first national park and one of America’s truly great trout fisheries, has been a crucible for ideas on how to look after wild places. Management practices that have worked there -- and a good many that have not -- have been transported around the globe.

Renowned Australian fishing writer Greg French gives a sparkling firsthand account of how the park’s history, landscapes, wildlife and people have entwined themselves in the psyche of anglers worldwide. More importantly, he discovers why this matters. Essentially a travelogue that mainly concerns itself with the story of the Yellowstone cutthroat trout: its discovery, biology, decimation, modern-day allure and uncertain future.

Although set against the dramatic backdrop of Yellowstone National Park, comparisons to Australia, New Zealand and Europe are inevitable: Antipodean fisheries managers greatly influenced trout recovery programs in Yellowstone, and the outcomes greatly affected the way trout fisheries are managed in and outside of the US.

It is a cautionary tale too, ending up in Mongolia, which is as pristine as Montana used to be in Custer’s time and in immediate danger of repeating the same old mistakes. The book is timely because the Yellowstone fishery is at a crossroads and current debate about what to do next is dangerously narrow. Anglers everywhere need to be constantly reminded that hatcheries are far from a panacea for ailing fisheries: fostering both angler participation and conservation of the natural environmental almost always delivers far better outcomes — and at a fraction of the cost.

As always, the power of Greg’s stories comes not just from the quality of the writing, but also from the quirks and passions of the people he meets. The Imperiled Cutthroat is compelling storytelling — deeply intelligent and philosophical — that will enthral anglers and naturalists the world over.


  • 256 Pages, with full-colour illustrations throughout.
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Published by Patagonia.
  • Printed on 10% recycled paper.
  • Hardcover book.


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