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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!

New Zealand Strike Indicator Kit - Fly Fishing Indicator Tool

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It's never been easier to land a prize fish.

The Strike Indicator Tool Kit is an innovative, patented tool system that allows you to easily make & remove strike indicators. It's so simple that you can be fishing in less than 10 seconds - guaranteed!

You can easily adjust the depth of your nymph and the indicator can be trimmed to match the conditions. If fish begin to rise, you can swiftly remove the indicator within seconds. The stealthy wool indicator casts like a dry fly and lands gently. It won't slip (even with a gigantic fish on the line) during aggressive casting or high wind conditions - and it can be easily adjusted by the angler when required.

This strike indicator is super sensitive and will detect even the most subtle takes. It is designed with a slot near the tip to reduce surface tension by allowing the tubing sleeve to slide easily onto your leader. The kit holds extra tubing sleeves - enough for several full days of fishing.

You can easily adjust the depth of your nymph and the indicator can be removed within seconds. It casts like a dry fly & lands gently.

  • 100% New Zealand wool from sheep that are bred specifically to produce a wiry texture wool.
  • Includes a built-in ruler, samples of New Zealand wool, 30 cm of extra replacement tubing.
  • The tubing sleeves are pre-loaded on the tool.
  • Includes a loop for easy attachment to your zinger or vest.


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