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Snowy - The Making Of Modern Australia [Brad Collis]

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To this day, the construction of the Snowy Mountains Scheme still remains one of the world's greatest engineering achievements and a significant part of Australian history.

SNOWY - The Making of Modern Australia celebrates the people, the politics, the tragedies and the achievements that contributed to the creation of the Snowy Scheme. The Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme began in 1949 and spent 25 years in the construction process. Many of the workers that poured into the cool rugged mountains were effected by the most devastating war the world had ever seen - ready to build a new life for themselves and their families in a strange new land. Under extraordinary isolation and hardship, they managed to create something phenomenal and by doing so, multiculturalism in Australia was born. Author Brad Collis recounts both the human and technological achievements of the Snowy Scheme in addition to maps, technical drawings and photographs.

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