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End of Season Sale on Now!
End of Season Sale on Now!

Snow Peak Field Cooker Pro. 3 Set

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Great camp food starts with having the right equipment!

Whether you're solo, a couple, a family or a group, the Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cook Set 3 is a four-piece cook wear set that boasts a range of pots and pans to suit all cooking needs. The pots range in capacity from 3L to 4.3L with an adjustable handle it makes moving from one pot to another super easy. These Multi-purpose Pots and pans are not only functional and but they’re designed for travellers and campers who enjoy making the most of their space. When not in use, nest all items together and store conveniently 

Best suited to charcoal and gas cooking, the Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose cooker set 1 is easy to wash and clean. Don’t forget to season your Iron Pan before its first use to increases its lifespan and help create a non-stick coating. 

*Please note, for best results, always follow manufacturer's guidelines regarding cleaning and taking care of your pots and pans. 


  • Four-Piece Collection 
  • Wooden handle that comes with a case that can be used as an oven mitt. 
  • Best suited to Gas and Charcoal cooking 
  • Cleaning: light soap and water are best. To use to your iron pan, first prep with a thin layer of oil and heating evenly. Seasoning an iron pan helps to create a non-stick coating and also increases its lifespan. To clean, wash with hot water, heat to dry and add a thin layer of oil before storing. 
Weight Size  Contents Material 

Pot 1: 20cm Dia. x 13.5cm H

Pot 2: 17.5cm Dia. x 11cm H

Strainer: 19cm Dia. x 9.5cm H

Frying Pan: 21cm Dia. x 5.3cm H

2 Pots W/Lids, Frying Pan, Strainer, Hotpad, Mesh Nylon Bag Stainless Steel, Iron, Wood


About Snow Peak

About Snow Peak

Snow Peak first began, over 60 years ago in Sanjo City within the Chūetsu region of Niigata Prefecture. The overwhelmingly rich environment surrounding Snow Peak’s home is a source of constant inspiration for their ever-growing product range. Snow Peak is dedicated to creating a positive impact through everything they do so that all products and services inspire both the company and the consumer.

For more than 60 years, Snow Peak have created restorative experiences alongside designing functional products that are minimalist, intelligent and built to last. 

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