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Snow Peak Field Coffee Master

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Start your day right with some fresh beans brewed in a barista grade coffee kit! 

The Snow Peak Field Coffee Master is perfect for those coffee enthusiasts who aren't prepared to compromise on the quality of their morning brew.  

It’s a Multifunctional brewing system compact enough to take on short trips and hardy enough to endure a lengthy trip. The design ensures the beans are separated from any brewed coffee to ensure optimal taste and quality every single time.  

Use as a percolator by housing the dripper within the kettle body or as a pour-over system by inserting a paper filter and removing the dripper from the main body and setting it on top of the intended drinking vessel. Its that’s simple. The kettle can also be used for heating water and when not in use you can store it inside itself and in the carry case provided.  


  • Claimed weight: 750g
  • Size: L 7.8' W 5.1' H 7.5' 
  • Capacity: 760ml or Approx 4c of coffee 
  • Material: Stainless steel, Glass, Brass
  • Carry case provided

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