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Spend & Save on icebreaker!
Spend & Save on icebreaker!

Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Integrated Skagit Line

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$199.99 - $199.99
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SKU 128575
Colour: Horizon/Black/Horizon
Weight: 180 GR

The all-in-one light skagit line you've been waiting for.

The Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Integrated Skagit Line is an all-in-one skagit line designed for lighter two-handers and trout spey. Crafted with an ultra-short head it effortlessly loads rods and delivers powerful casts with minimal effort, making it ideal for quick shots and long distances.

The Skagit Integrated Line incorporates AST slickness technology, ensuring smooth casting and reduced friction for longer distances, and a textured shooting line behind the head for feel and easy grip. Whether you're targeting steelhead, salmon, or trout, this line's carefully calibrated weight distribution and streamlined design offer superior control and presentation.

Scientific Anglers' Spey Lite Integrated Skagit Line provides anglers with a tool that enhances their fishing experience and mastery of the art.

If you're looking for a Scandi integrated line, check out the Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Integrated Scandi Line.


  • Ultra-short head for turning over heavy tips with light two-handed rods
  • Ideal for smaller rivers and trout spey applications
  • Perfect for a wide range of fishing styles, from small soft hackles to large streamers


Weight Head Length Total Length Grain Weight
180 GRAIN 11' / 3.4m 100' / 30.5m 180gr / 11.7g
210 GRAIN 12' / 3.7m 100' / 30.5m 210gr / 13.6g
240 GRAIN 13' / 4.0m 100' / 30.5m 240gr / 15.6g
270 GRAIN 14' / 4.3m 100' / 30.5m 270gr / 17.5g
300 GRAIN 15.5' / 4.7m 100' / 30.5m 300gr / 19.4g
330 GRAIN 17' / 5.2m 100' / 30.5m 330gr / 21.4g
360 GRAIN 18' 5.5m 100' / 30.5m 360gr / 23.3g
390 GRAIN 19.5' / 5.9m 100' / 30.5m 390gr / 25.2g
420 GRAIN 21' / 6.4m 100' / 30.5m 420gr / 27.2g

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