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Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Intermediate Clear Camo

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$199.99 - $199.99
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SKU 129800
Scheme: Camo/Clear
Type: WF-5-I


The Intermediate Clear-Camo line is the most versatile tool for Australian lake fishing. 

Whether you're searching edges, stripping teams or tight-lining buzzers an intermediate is the tool that will do it all.   

How can something be clear and camouflaged? That’s easy. Scientific Anglers took a mottled core, doused it with their new, supple clear coating, and created the SONAR Stillwater Clear Camo. Designed for the unique demands of stillwater angling, the Clear Camo simply disappears beneath the surface, and features a slow, intermediate sink rate to tempt fish sitting just below the chop.

WF-4-I 35.5’ (10.8m) 105.0’ (32.0m) 140gr (9.1g)
WF-5-I 37.5’ (11.4m) 105.0’ (32.0m) 160gr (10.4g)
WF-6-I 39.5’ (12.0m) 105.0’ (32.0m) 185gr (12.0g)
WF-7-I 41.5’ (12.6m) 105.0’ (32.0m) 210gr (13.6g)
WF-8-I 43.5’ (13.3m) 105.0’ (32.0m) 240gr (15.6g)

*Grain Weight for the first 30'



  • esigned specifically for the demands of stillwater anglers
  • Based on popular MPX taper
  • Overweighted by a full line weight for multiple flies and long leaders
  • Full intermediate (1.25 ips) line over camouflage core for the ultimate in stealth
  • Features all-new supple clear material for reduced memory

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