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Spend & Save on icebreaker!
Spend & Save on icebreaker!

Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Tapered Fly Line

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Scheme: Optic Green / Moss / Buckskin
Weight: #3 / WF-3-F

A Modern Classic in fly line tapers, if you know, you know, if you don't, get acquainted

The Amplitude MPX is built a half-size heavy and the MPX taper starts exactly where the GPX left off. It has been redesigned with more mass toward the front of the head, so that the MPX will provide the same benefits of the GPX, with an added emphasis on presentation. The Amplitude MPX is equally as powerful, with a little extra finesse.


  • The unrivalled AST PLUS slickness additive offers superior shooting ability and increased durability.
  • There is additional floating texture on the tip section for ultimate flotation.
  • The shooting texture running line delivers longer casts.
  • A great general line for spectacular presentation.
  • The Amplitude MPX is an improved version of the GPX taper.
  • The line is made a half-size heavy to suit fast-action rods.
  • Ideal for large dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.
  • For use in moderate and cold climates.
  • Braided multifilament core.
WF-3-F 31.5’/9,6m 90.0’/27,4m 110gr/7,1g
WF-4-F 33.5’/10,2m 90.0’/27,4m 130gr/8,5g
WF-5-F 35.5’/10,8m 90.0’/27,4m 150gr/9,7g
WF-6-F 37.5’/11,4m 90.0’/27,4m 175gr/11,3g
WF-7-F 39.5’12,0m 90.0’/27,4m 200gr/13,0g
WF-8-F 41.5’/12,6m 90.0’/27,4m 225gr/14,6g
WF-9-F 43.5’/13,3m 90.0’/27,4m 260gr/16,8g

* Grain weight for the first 30′


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