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Sage R8 Fly Rod

by Sage
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$1,894.95 - $1,894.95
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SKU 2054-490-4
Model: #4 Line / 9'0" Length

When you need a rod to depend on when it matters most, put your trust in the new Sage R8. The new R8 blank represents the leading edge in fly rod technology, perfectly blending high performance and versatility.

A new revolution in graphite, high-performance fly rods, the R8 family of rods is a versatile collection boasting a wide range of weights and lengths to suit any water type.


Think small creeks, delicate presentations, and technical casting, the 390 is the perfect choice. The 9" length allows for slightly more reach than a typical 3 weight to allow for longer casting distance and precise line control in challenging pocket water.


The 486 is an ideal rod for a small-streamtrout angler. The light overall weight, coupled with the slightly shorter 8'6" length makes this rod a dream trout rod. A faster butt section and slower action tip allows for a powerful rod to combat wind with a delicate tip for protecting light tippet. Best suited for throwing smaller and medium-sized flies, the 486 is a fantastic summer rod.


A fantastic trout rod aimed at throwing small and medium-sized flies with slightly more power due to the 9' length over the 486. The 490 has great line control for short mends, soft presentations and reaching over faster currents. Light enough to hold comfortably all day, a must-have trout angler's rod.


The lightest of the 10' offerings from Sage, excelling in line control and nymphing. A soft, supple tip combined with a fast butt section results in fantastic strike detection when nymphing and tippet protection for larger fish. When opened up to a longer cast the 10' length is a fantastic rod for high winds, larger dry flies, heavier droppers and even small streamers, think summertime hopper-dropper fishing. A great hybrid rod for any freshwater condition.


A slightly heavier weight for an 8'6" rod, the 586 is an exceptionally accurate casting rod designed with a wide range of fly sizes in mind. When the time comes to nail a target to an ultra picky trout, the 586 will sort things out.


Arguably the most versatile fly rod weight across the board, the 590 is a rod that can handle pretty much any freshwater application you can throw at it. Delicate presentations and light tippet protection coupled with a strong backbone to cast heavier nymphs against high winds creates for the most versatile of the entire R8 range. You can't go wrong with a 9' 5 weight.


If you love the feel of a classic 9' 5 weight but are looking for slightly more distance and line control in your fishing, the 596 is the one for you. The addition of a fighting butt allows for a more balanced overall fly rod especially considering the longer 9'6" length. It also gives you control in a prolonged fight to give you the confidence you'll land that fish of a lifetime.


A powerhouse 5 weight rod at 10' long with the addition of a fighting butt creates a distance casting machine. The longer blank aids with line control and the fighting butt balances the overall set-up. A great rod for lakes and nymphing applications, at home, throwing big rigs and heavier flies.


A staple rod in any anglers quiver, the 690 is a beast of a trout rod. An ideal choice for our Australian spawn run, the 690 is most at home casting heavy flies against high winds. A great distance caster for larger rivers, lakes or from a boat. At this weight you can also start experimenting with other freshwater species such as smallmouth bass.


The same great performance from the 690 you know and love, this time with a fighting butt and an anodised reel seat. The perfect lake and streamer addict's rod or for those looking to muscle big spawn run fish.


If heavy nymphs and streamers are required at your next fishing destination, take the 696-FB with you. Slightly more reach than a typical 9' rod and greater line control this makes the perfect choice for a trout/ bass rod.


If you want the biggest, baddest, most powerful trout rod imaginable, stop scrolling, the 610-FB is your rod. With unmatched power from a trout rod mixed with incredible line control, large streamers and stupidly heavy nymphs get thrown with ease. Featuring an all-weather reel seat, the 610 can be used in fresh or saltwater.


A versatile big water, big fish rod ideal for saltwater or freshwater scenarios. From bass off a drift boat to Alaskan salmon and giant trout, put your trust in the 790 to get the job done.


Similar to the 790, the extra half a foot gives that slight edge to punch through wind and gain that extra distance when needed. A fantastic choice for throwing large nymph and indicator rigs, bass bugs or saltwater poppers all day long.


The most line control available from a 7 weight in the R8 family with increased casting distance and the ability to throw big bugs all day long. From giant Alaskan salmon to saltwater species from a boat, the 710 will make your day.


An ideal weight for a dedicated saltwater rod and an ultra-versatile big freshwater rod, the 890 can handle big flies and then some. The all-weather reel seat prolongs the use of this rod in the salt and can be used for a killer big freshwater set-up.


Lakes, rivers, salt, heavy flies, high wind, you name it, the 896 R8 can do it! With a slightly longer reach than its 9' counterpart, this rod is a distance casting weapon. Chasing multiple species with this rod isn't an issue, just string it up and start casting.


Being the heaviest weight in the 10' offerings from Sage, the 810 is an ideal choice for a beach set-up or if you need to fish big, heavy flies with precise line control. The solid butt section and fighting butt combined with the longer length makes fighting large fish easier than ever.


The biggest rod in the entire Sage R8 range, the 990 is for all-water and big fish. When you need a rod you can depend on that fish of a lifetime. The 990 is a beast of a rod to cut through the highest of gusts and cast the heaviest of flies. An excellent rod to round out the collection.

The Sage R8 family of high-performance fly rods are equally versatile as well as powerful. When the pressure's on to make that perfect cast to a trophy fish, put the new Sage R8 in your hands!


  • Revolution 8 Technology
  • Silver Pine blank colour
  • Slate primary thread wraps with graduated White and Grey trim
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides with hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Laser-etched line weight on slide band
  • Black rod with new quick-tie cord lock for faster, easier and cleaner storage
  • Aluminium rod tube with Sage medallion
  • 3WT - 6WT: Premium Flor grade snub-nose half-wells cork handle
  • Sustainable Ziricote wood insert with anodised aluminium up-locking reel seat
  • 5WT - 9WT (w/ fighting butt): Premium Flor grade full-wells cork handle with cork/EVA fighting butt
  • Gunmetal anodised aluminium up-locking reel seat
  • Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat
  • Claimed Weight (with tube): 525g

Model Length Line# Action Pieces
390 9' 3 Fast 4
486 8'6" 4 Fast 4
490 9' 4 Fast 4
410 10' 4 Fast 4
586 8'6" 5 Fast 4
590 9' 5 Fast 4
596-FB 9'6" 5 Fast 4
510-FB 10' 5 Fast 4
690 9' 6 Fast 4
690-FB 9' 6 Fast 4
696-FB 9'6" 6 Fast 4
610-FB 10' 6 Fast 4
790 9' 7 Fast 4
796 9'6" 7 Fast 4
710 10' 7 Fast 4
890 9' 8 Fast 4
896 9'6" 8 Fast 4
810 10' 8 Fast 4
990 9' 9 Fast 4

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