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RIO Skagit Mow Tip

by RIO
Original price $44.95 - Original price $44.95
Original price
$44.95 - $44.95
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SKU 6-19595
Tip Series: Light (T-8)
Tip Configuration: 10ft Float

Cover all water types effectively with the RIO Skagit Mow Tips.

Introducing the RIO Skagit Mow Tip, the ultimate tool for avid anglers seeking superior performance in their fly fishing adventures.

This innovative and versatile sink tip system allows you to effectively target fish at different depths with Skagit lines from shallow riffles to deep pools by simply swapping out the tips. RIO's low-stretch ConnectCore ensures maximum sensitivity and hook-setting power, while the welded loops provide a seamless connection to your fly line and leader.

Whether you're swinging wet flies or targeting trophy steelhead, the RIO Skagit Mow Tip is your go-to solution for unmatched performance on the water.


  • Ultra-powerful, level, fast sinking tips
  • Built with RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore
Tip Overall
10ft Float 10ft / 3m Float White
7.5ft Float/2.5ft T-8 10ft / 3m Float / 6ips Black / White
5ft Float/5ft T-8 10ft / 3m Float / 6ips Black / White
2.5ft Float/7.5ft T-8 10ft / 3m Float / 6ips Black / White
10ft T-8 10ft / 3m 6-7ips Red
12.5ft T-8 12.5ft / 3.8m 6-7ips Red

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