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Come fish with us!

Helsport Ringstind Superlight - Ultralight 3-Season Tent

Original price $1,156.95 - Original price $1,299.95
Original price
$1,156.95 - $1,299.95
Current price $1,156.95
SKU 162-994
Size: Superlight 1

Helsport's lightest tent.

The new Ringstind Superlight series has increased the features and details whilst reducing the overall weight. The Ringstind Superlight 1 is a compact, comfortable and functional tent that is easy to pitch yet surprisingly stable in strong winds. The Ringstind Superlight 2 provides additional width and two separate doors and vestibules for greater comfort when sharing.

The Ringstind Superlight series has always been renown for being lightweight and reducing weight when hiking. This year Helsport wanted to increase the usability of the tent, making it not only lighter but easier to pitch and more comfortable to use. Changing the pole configuration increased the internal volume without increasing the length and taking half the time to pitch.


  • Lightweight fabrics and components.
  • Lightweight inner tent fabric with mosquito net and excellent breathability.
  • Pole cups make the tent fast and easy to pitch.
  • The Helsport AirFlow II ventilation system ensures more fresh air, better quality sleep and increased air circulation which reduces condensation.
  • Unique internal pole channel system that provides better wind stability and less vibration/noise in windy conditions.
  • Internal storage pockets.


Superlight 1

  • Tent Type: Tunnel.
  • Person: 1
  • Package: 13 x 39cm
  • Weight: 1.04 kg
  • Pole Length: 1 x 264cm + 1 x 123cm.
  • 1 Entrance

Superlight 2

  • Tent Type: Tunnel.
  • Person: 2
  • Package: 14 x 40cm
  • Weight: 1.45 kg
  • Pole Length: 1 x 330cm + 1 x 170cm.
  • 2 Entrances

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