Rainforest and Ravished Snow

Rainforest and Ravished Snow

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The coastal land of NSW with the Great Dividing Range which presses upon it from the west, contains some of the most beautiful country on earth. Certainly, that is Alan Andrews opinion and he has never wanted any other land to wander in. In this book, he nostalgically returns to some excursions taken as a boy and a young man and singles out two phases in two separate areas that have delighted him.

The first is youthful ramblings in search of 'brush' the rainforests that might remain in catchments of the hastings, Mannings and Hunter rivers. The Manning area where his great grandfather was a pioneer has particular interest for him and has special tales to tell.

The other area chosen is the snow land of the Snowy mountains. Alan has written definitively on both the history of the highest portion of our continent in Kosciusko: the mountain in History and of Skiing the western faces but here his interest is different again.

Here are his first forays on skis to the then little known areas of the snow lands. Some of the ski touring found its way into the Australian Ski Year Books but they are hard to find nowadays. 

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