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Spend & Save on icebreaker!

Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine (Cicerone)

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This longstanding and highly acclaimed book, now in its 12th edition, should be required reading for anyone venturing into remote areas.

Wilderness travel involves a degree of risk. Minimising these risks, while feeling confident in your ability to deal with any potential injury or illness, is part of the challenge and satisfaction. Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine provides the basic information on a multitude of medical problems but is still small enough to take with you whenever you need it.

Part 1, The Fundamentals - Covers preparation, prevention, general care for the sick and injured, the use of medications and pain management

Part 2, Accident & Illness Protocol - Explains the procedure to follow in any accident and illness situation, including how to deal with life-threatening situations and making a diagnosis

Part 3, Problems & Their Treatment - Covers specific accidents and illnesses Appendices include a medication chart, first aid kits, useful contacts and much more.

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