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Patagonia Traction Stud Kit

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Please Note: All Patagonia products are physically labled in US sizes.

These durable steel studs are explicitly designed for the Patagonia Foot Tractor – Sticky Rubber Wading Boots and River Salt Wading Boots to help assist you in challenging wading conditions.

Sticky rubber and felt soles work because they’re soft enough to conform to the texture of subsurface rock. Sometimes you need a little extra bite to cut through algae, silt or other forms of aquatic slime.

These durable, hardened 10mm steel studs are designed specifically for the new Foot Tractor Wading Boots—Sticky Rubber and River Salt Wading Boots, and have a six-head bite tips with locking teeth on the underside to ensure they stay securely fastened to your boots when you need them most. Installation wrench included.

  • Includes 26 x 10mm hardened-steel traction studs with lock teeth; 1 wrench.

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