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Spend $200 on Icebreaker and Save $50!
Spend $200 on Icebreaker and Save $50!

OPST Commando 12' Sink Tip

Original price $44.95 - Original price $44.95
Original price
$44.95 - $44.95
Current price $44.95
Grain: 96 Grain
Sink Rate: Riffle (S2/3)

Afterpay or Zip ($100min-$1000max)

OPST Commando Tips complete your Pure Skagit system. It's a fact that not every stretch of river calls for the fastest, heaviest sink tip. Riffles and shallower runs are extremely important too, especially in high water. In such conditions a shallower, yet still level, sink is the way to go.

Commando Tips will make you a more complete angler by allowing you to choose, within a grain weight, from between three different sink rates: Riffle, Run and Bucket, for shallow, medium and deep water.

The OPST tips are 12 feet long to enhance water load and prevent blown anchors, and come with strong welded loops at both ends for easy rigging. The rear ends comes with colour coded line IDs to identify both grain weight and sink rate. 96 Grains are looped with yellow, 132 Grains with light blue, and 168 Grains are tan. Within those three grain weights are the three sink rates (Riffle, Run and Bucket) for each weight.

Those familiar with MOW tips can choose from three different grain weights: 96 grain, 132 grain and 168 grain, (T8, T11 and T14 grains per foot) for use on 2 weight switch rods up to 9 weight two handers. You will notice that the designations are S2/3, S5/6, etc-meaning the back half of the line is a Type 2 (2 inches per second), and the front half is a Type 3 (3 inches per second). This produces a straighter sink to the fly and reduces the belly effect that occurs in level sink tip.

Choosing an OSPT Commando System for Single Hand Fly Rods

Choosing an OSPT Commando System for Switch and Double Hand Fly Rods