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Update on Covid-19 Restrictions
Update on Covid-19 Restrictions

OPST Commando 10' Sink Tip

Original price $44.95 - Original price $44.95
Original price
$44.95 - $44.95
Current price $44.95
Grain: 80 Grain
Sink Rate: Riffle (S2)

Afterpay or Zip ($100min-$1000max)

OPST Commando Tips now come in 10-foot lengths, to better accommodate single hand and switch rods.

These tips come in three different grain weights - 80, 110, and 140 Grains - For 2-weight switch rods to 9-weight Spey rods. Just as with the 12' Commando Tips, each of the three-grain weights comes in three different sink rates - A Riffle, Run, and Bucket series - to put you in the strike zone whether you're fishing shallow riffles, medium-depth runs, or dark and mysterious tanks.

Each 10' commando tip comes with two neat, strong welded loops for ease of attachment to fly line and leader. They come in 8, 11, and 14 Grains per foot, making them identical in weight to industry-standard sink tips.

Outfit yourself with a set of all three and you'll be ready to fish wherever, whenever and however you want.

Choosing an OSPT Commando System for Single Hand Fly Rods

Choosing an OSPT Commando System for Switch and Double Hand Fly Rods