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NRS HydroLock Kayak Stow Float Bag

by NRS
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$104.95 - $104.95
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SKU 50083.02.100

If there was ever a bag that could multitask its the Hydrolock Layak Stow Float from NRS. This bag will not only keep your gear dry, it'll keep your kayak afloat and reduce your boats bilge volume. This means there will be less to pump in the event of an accident.

  • Features the Hydrolock zip seal closure so its totally waterproof. Periodically clean the selling surfaces and lubricate with 303 protectant for ease of closure.
  • Inflation tube ensures total inflation and maximum buoyancy


  • Claimed Weight: 283g
  • Material: 30 denier PU laminated ripstop nylon
  • Dimensions: 76.2cm L x 22.86cm D x 20.32 W
  • Inflation Tube Length: 51.44cm
  • Features: 4 x D rings 2 x Compression strap for rigging and lashing

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