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Nikwax Tent And Gear Solarproof Spray-On - Waterproofing UV Blocker 500ml

by Nikwax
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$34.95 - $34.95
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A proven solution for waterproofing and UV protection

Get the most out of your outdoor gear with NikWax's award-winning Tent and Gear Solarproof. All fabrics are subject to UV deterioration and over time, the performance of your gear will decrease significantly. Tents are most noticeably affected, often suffering a 50% reduction in fabric tear strength after just 2 weeks of UV exposure. The good news is that just one application of NikWax's Solarproof Spray-On will significantly improve the strength, water repellency and UV resistance of your tent.

The water-based, non-flammable solution is fluorocarbon free and does not include volatile organic compounds. 

Note: For best results clean items first with NikWax Tent and Gear Solarwash. 


  • Provides durable water repellency and protects against UV deterioration
  • For synthetic waterproof fabrics
  • Water-based, non-flammable, contains no volatile organic compounds and is fluorocarbon free
  • Dimensions: 22H x 5.5W x 5.5Dcm
  • Capacity 500ml
  • Claimed weight - 0.38kg

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