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Loon Fly Dip - Liquid Floatant

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Dip it and Whip it!

If you want to treat a fly once and have it stay up, then look no further than this dip. If you dipped a sheep in it you could float it across the Pacific with ease. If your hopper, cicada, caddis or indicator needs to stay afloat, no matter what, then chuck it in the bottle and go all day. Sometimes you just need your fly to ride high and all-day-long, summertime on the Tumut, Bettle Feeders on lakes or your NZ strike indicator rig on the Tongariro. This stuff is worth its weight in liquid gold.


  • Works with all size/material of flies.
  • Pretreats flies to keep them floating higher longer.
  • Restores soggy flies.

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