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LifeSystems Survival Bag

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SKU LS2090

A strong and lightweight survival bag - designed to reduce the loss of vital body heat and therefore the risk of hypothermia in emergency situations.

If you're exposed to to wet, extreme cold or windchill for an extended period of time, your body could be at risk of losing a dramatic amount of heat and if being cold isn't uncomfortable enough, exposure can lead to Hypothermia - a dangerous condition which can quickly become life-threatening and is fairly common in the outdoors.

The Survival Bag is designed to offer protection from the elements in the event of an accident, trauma or exposed situation by helping to retain radiated body heat and reduce windchill. It provides sufficient length to create a hood when wrapped around the head and it is large enough to accommodate 2 people. It can also be used to signal for attention.

  • The bag provides whole body coverage with SOS printed-instructions.
  • It's built from heavy duty polyethylene with welded seams and it's lightweight, flexible, compact and strong.
  • It's highly visible, windproof and waterproof.
  • Measures 105-75 x 210cm and weighs 290 grams.

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