Huts of the High Country

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Evocative words and dramatic photos capture the charm and character of over 100 huts and homesteads scattered throughout the Snowy Mountains of NSW.

Oral history, bush verse, personal impressions, dramatic quotes and historical facts are woven into a colourful, entertaining whole. For many people this book is the bible of high country history and folklore. They consult it before a car tour, horse ride, ski tour or bushwalk and use it to map out their journey. Others use it for conservation and management plans. Since this book was first published in 1982 many huts have been lost and others have been restored or rebuilt. Restored huts include Cascade, Cooinbil, Currango, Daveys, Four Mile, Happys, Long Plain, Old Currango, Tin Mines, Valentines, Wheelers and Witses. The greatest losses came with the fierce wildfires of 2003. They burnt down over 20 huts and structures. A detailed study recommended that seven huts be rebuilt. Of these Broken Dam, Delanys and Patons are done, Brooks, Boobee and O'Keefes are to be rebuilt in 2008/09, and Pretty Plain will be rebuilt after that. (Rear cover text).