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Spend & Save on icebreaker!
Spend & Save on icebreaker!

Gransfors Bruk Ceramic Grinding Stone

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Make your axe blades feel like new again with the Gransfors Bruk Ceramic Grinding Stone.

Over time, axe blades blunt, they endure a lot, and it’s a good woodsman's job to take care of them. The Gransfors Bruk Ceramic Grinding Stone is designed to repair your axe blades

The Ceramic stone is comprised of a ceramic abrasive with a grain-like structure that has been developed to alternate between a coarse grind and a fine grind. The coarse 180-grit side is used when your blade has endured some hard wear and damage, whereas the fine 600-grit side is used for lighter grinding. The fine side makes up 2/3 of the thickness, as its usually the side that gets the most use.

The stone has a flattened round shape and bevelled edges for a smooth transition. As opposed to natural stone, ceramic can be made to have a more precise grain size; the benefit of this? It's tough and long-lasting. The stone can be used in water and dry and comes in a compact rubber case for storage. Each axe head is hand forged and will have slight variations in texture and finish. Each axe handle's grain pattern varies from axe to axe.


  • Diameter: 57mm
  • Claimed Weight: 160 grams
  • Grit: 180 (Coarse side), 600 (fine side)

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