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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!

Fulling Mill White Bead PT Jig Barbless

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SKU 967316
Hook Size: 16

A Pheasant Tail with a Glowing Difference

If you don't have a UV torch, buy on, steal one do whatever you have to to just get one. Then shine it on this fly and you'll see what we mean by 'glowing'. It's NOT glow int the dark, it glow in the day. Trout use UV highlights on prey items to tell the difference between a floating stick and a nymph. Well this fly screams NYMPH! This is a great example of a fly that will pull fish in; a valuable asset on a big brawling tail-water. Once it pulls them in, they quite often pull it strait into their mouths, then you pull them into your boat. 

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