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Come fish with us! Book a guided fly fishing day!

Fulling Mill Roza's Pink Hares Ear Jig Barbless

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$4.20 - $4.20
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SKU 996316c

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Hook Size: 16

Pink is one of our Favourite Colours 

This Jig Nymph has all the right components to be a really killer fly. A nicely tapered body with enough 'buggy-ness' to represent pretty well any mayfly nymph or caddis pupa, a proper jig hook to pin fish when they eat it and a perfectly balanced tungsten beat to keep it hook point up; plus the beads pink. Anyone who knows trout knows that they have an unreasonable love for a pink hotspot in their flies. Whether it's a subtle rose pink, such as it is in this fly, or a neon blinging pink tag or bead in some others in the range, they just eat them; so we sell them.

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