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Come fish with us! Book a guided fly fishing day!

Fulling Mill Martini Black Cat Hummie

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Size: 8

Bear with us, these things work.

So technically its full name is the Black Cat Humungous, but we had to shorten something in there so Hummie it is. Stripped at speed trout absolutely slam this fly. Black and chartreuse just make fish angry, the bead-chain eyes keep it in the zone without affecting the swimming action and the extra bit of silver flash just pulls fish from a mile away. Use it as an attractor, a point fly on a lake team or swing it on your favourite trout-spey set-up. There are few places that have trout in Australia where this fly won't get slammed. Also as a bonus, yellowbelly, carp, red-fin and even bream* destroy this 'thing'. Get out and give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

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