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Flyz Inc Rubber Leg Gotcha Tan

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SKU RG03-4-3T
Hook Size: 4
Style: 3mm Tungsten

Afterpay or Zip ($100min-$1000max)

Fooling fish for decades.

Gotcha! You'll hear it screamed across a flat or bellowed up a river/down a creek and know instantly that someone's hooked that fish they've been working on for the last half hour. You'll also, if you keep your fly boxes well stocked, hear 'have you got any more of those Gotcha's bud?' 

A Bonefish fly par-excellence, it will also account for just about any fish that predates on small shrimp or nippers (yabbies). Make sure you stock up in different sizes and weights so that you can fish as light a fly as possible for your desired presentation. This fly will cause explosive takes from Bones when fished in short sharp strips over a flat and if left to its own devices it will drift with current helplessly and delectably.

If you are fishing over a clear sand flat for any species anywhere its subtle nature and colour are key to getting eats from spooking fish.