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Come fish with us! Book a guided fly fishing day!

Flyz Inc Christmas Island Special

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SKU XS03-4-3T

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Hook Size: 4
Style: 3mm Tungsten

More than a classic Bonefish pattern. 

Originally developed by Australian anglers for use on Christmas Island Bone-Fish, the CXI special continues to be used in innovative settings for all kinds of species. Still definitely a must have in your box for any trip to Kiribati, especially in different weights and sizes. Most of the time for bonefish you'll want bead-chain or light tungsten. However tied with heavy tungsten this is a great deeper flat or channel bonefish fly and will account for its fair share of trigger fish too.  Fished to represent a small Mantis Shrimp it is a deadly pattern in its home range.

However the CXI special is also a great all round shallow water shrimp pattern. Whiting on the South Coast of NSW Wales love it and bream will rarely refuse it even in clear water. 

The CXI special is tied on robust Gamakastu SL113-H hooks that will stand up to those occasional Triggerfish and keep a sharp point well even with occasional coral reef bumps. These hooks also re-sharpen excellently; extending the life of your flies on remote trips. 

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