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Spend & Save on icebreaker!
Spend & Save on icebreaker!

Fishpond Tacky Daypack Fly Box

Original price $34.95 - Original price $34.95
Original price
$34.95 - $34.95
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Whether you like to arrange your flies by hatch, river or season, do it all with the Tacky Daypack Fly Box by Fishpond.

This phone-sized fly box will become your grab-and-go pack for after-work flicks and small stream hunts. Featuring 180 fly slots, you'll never be short of nymphs or dries, no matter how many trees or stick-fish you snag throughout the day. 


  • Holds up to 180 flies
  • Original patented silicone anchoring technology
  • Withstands extreme temperature range
  • High visibility lid
  • Strong, latchless magnetic closure
  • Durable and tested for long-lasting strength
  • Recycled polycarbonate box
  • Patented design
  • Dimensions (cm): 12.7 x 7.9 x 1.9

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