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Spend $200 on Icebreaker and Save $50!

Chasing Rumor: A Season Fly Fishing in Patagonia

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Let Author Cameron Chambers take you on a journey to the land of the mythical twenty-pound trout - wild lakes & rivers, fish of all sizes, local characters and North American fishing bums.

In November, when the North American rivers turn to ice and the grass turns brown, fly fishermen retreat to magical fishing holes that one could only dream of. Some voyage to the banks of Patagonia's legendary rivers, where the mythical brown's measure 20 inches or more and present a great fight - the one that every angler lives for. Chasing Rumor chronicles a young angle's attempt to experience fishing paradise. In some ways, rumours and imagination caused his journey to fall short of expectations, yet in other ways, his imagination could not have prepared him for his adventures in this captivating, mysterious and pristine part of our world.

In between catching some amazing trout, Chambers experiences the fishing culture in Patagonia, an experience still being carved by both the physical forces of nature and the political, social, and economic forces of man. Chasing Rumor takes you through a journey of history & personality and along the way, like any reflective fisherman - he grapples with the environmental contradiction present in the origins of this angler's playground, where introduced trout have thrived. How much should a man be allowed to alter nature to increase the enjoyment of a sport? It is, in fact, a dilemma at the very core of many outdoor endeavours. However, in the end, Chasing Rumor finds its way back to the fish and how they inspire anglers' commitment to the protection of the water.


  • Full-colour illustrations throughout.
  • 256 pages,
  • Published by Patagonia.
  • Made & printed in Canada on FSC 100% recycled paper.