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Spend & Save on icebreaker!
Spend & Save on icebreaker!

Category 3 Gummers Ultra Tactical PTN - Copper Tungsten Bead Nymph

Original price $4.20 - Original price $4.20
Original price
$4.20 - $4.20
Current price $4.20
Hook Size: #10

Your tactical, but are you ultra tactical?

there's near enough, close enough then there's exactly what you need. If you deal in precision, microns and grains then you want what you want, not what you can get. The boys at Cat 3 have been working hard to provide an excellent range of tactical jig nymphs that will suit any situation. Combined with the classic do it all Pheasant tail style there's very little this fly won't do for you.

The tungsten beads range from a big 4mm bomb on the size 10 to a water tension slicing 2.5mm bead on the size 16.  

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