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Come fish with us!
Come fish with us!

Category 3 Gummers Generic Crusher - Black Tungsten Bead Nymph

Original price $4.20 - Original price $4.20
Original price
$4.20 - $4.20
Current price $4.20
Hook Size: #10

Being Generic isn't a bad thing when you're Crushing it

This Nymph is a jack of all trades, it'll represent most bugs that swim, crawl or case up, you can drift it, swing it, drag it or bomb it. Tied with just enough UV to set of the primordial instinct of your favourite salmonid and a subtle hackle/dubbing combo for the perfect 'alive' profile. The tungsten beads range from a big 4mm bomb on the size 10 to a water tension slicing 2.5mm bead on the size 16.  

If you just need to get out there and fish from the top of the water collum to the bottom, you can't go past a fly that represents a bit of everything, everywhere. 


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