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C&F Universal System Foams (Medium)

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Style: Standard

Have a fly storage crisis? The C&F System Foams will fix all your problems.

The C&F Universal System Foams are designed to work in conjunction with the C&F System Fly Boxes for the ultimate customisable fly storage solution. The foam blanks come in four versions, standard, attractor, streamer, and midge for different-sized flies and species, giving you complete fly box customisation. Have one side for big foam hoppers with the attractor foam and the other for big streamers, you get the idea. With the C&F Universal System Foams, you'll be carrying flies in style.

Check out the C&F Universal System Foams (Small) and C&F Universal System Foams (Large)


Style Thickness Fly Capacity
Standard 5mm 24 slits, 6 stages (144 flies)
Attractor 5mm 18 slits, 4 stages (72 flies)
Streamer 5mm 15 slits, 3 stages (45 flies)
Midge 5mm 24 slits, 8 stages (192 flies)

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