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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Salt Fly Line

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$179.95 - $179.95
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SKU 135924
Weight: WF-7-F

Afterpay or Zip ($100min-$1000max)

A Flats-Fishing Weapon, and a great all-round Saltwater Floating line  

The Amplitude Infinity Saltwater is the perfect taper for the flats, with a nice long head for the excellent presentation and half a size heavy for turnover. If you're chasing Blochii's or Anak's, your lay-down with this taper won't spook them; although if you stuff up the cast then nothing can really help you when it comes to Permit. 

The Horizon blue at the front end blends into the sky for fish looking up, but stands out with the perfect amount of contrast on the flats so you can see just exactly what you're doing. No more guessing if that Triggerfish is somewhere near your fly, now you can see.  

Even if you're not on the flats and just need a quality floater for topwater, inshore or Barra; the Amplitude Infinity can happily do it all. 

WF-7-F 48.0’/14,6m 100’/30,5m 200gr/12,8gr
WF-8-F 49.0’/14,9m 100’/30,5m 225gr/14,5gr
WF-9-F 50.0’/15,2m 100’/30,5m 260gr/16,9gr
WF-10-F 51.0’/15,5m 100’/30,5m 305gr/19,8gr
WF-11-F 52.0’/15,8m 100’/30,5m 355gr/23,0gr
WF-12-F 53.0’/16,2m 100’/30,5m 415gr/26,9gr