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Snow Peak Titanium Trek Series Cookwear Set

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Size: 1400

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The Trek Series - ultralight, durable & compact. Impressed? You should be.

The Trek Series includes a sensational range of ultra-lightweight titanium cookware sets. All sets are large enough to stow a 110g fuel canister and each set will nest within each other to save space.

A cookware set is essential for anyone who likes to eat (so, basically everyone) and we are sure that the last thing you want is a bulky, heavy set of pots & pans taking up space in your car or backpack. You can rest assured that you will not sag under the weight of a Trek titanium cookware set, nor will it take up half of your car's boot.

The high quality, Japanese titanium is exceptionally lightweight and super strong. In fact - it is approximately 45% lighter than steel & a great deal stronger than aluminium. Who knew!? It does not produce a metallic taste or smell, and it is also resistant to corrosion - which extends the longevity of your cookware!

Trek 700 

This sensational cook set includes a generous, 700ml deep cooker with a removable lid. It is the perfect cookware set for solo adventurers and it includes a mesh storage bag. The Trek 700 weighs only 136g and will hold a 110g fuel canister & small stove (not included) if required

Material Titanium
Weight 4.8 oz (136g)
Dimensions D 4.2" H 4.4" (Pot/105*113mm, Lid/105*20mm)
Contents Include Titanium Pot W/ Lid
Capacity 24 fluid oz
Size Stowed 4.2 x 4.4 in (105 x 128mm)
Made In Japan

Trek 900

This superb cook set includes a versatile, 900ml deep cooker and a frying pan. It is most ideal for two-person use and it includes a mesh bag for storage. The Trek 900 weighs only 175g and you can easily nest the Trek 700 (not included) inside it if required.

Material Titanium
Weight 6.2 oz (175g)
Dimensions Pot: D 4.75" H 4.25" Frying Pan: D 5", H 1.5" (Pot: 120*107mm, Frying Pan: 127*39mm)
Contents Include Titanium Pot and Lid with Mesh Bag
Capacity 30 fluid oz
Size Stowed D 5" H 5.5" (130*140mm)
Made In Japan

Trek 1400

This lavish cook set includes a generous 1.4L deep cooker and a frying pan so that you can cook up a storm with ease. It is a great cookware system for a group of keen adventurers and it includes a mesh bag for storage. The Trek 1400 weighs only an unbelievable 210g and both the Trek 700 & 900 (not included) will nest neatly inside it if required. 

Material Titanium
Weight 7.4oz (210g)
Dimensions Pot: D 5.5" H 4.5" Frying Pan: D 5.75", H 1.5" (Pot: 136*114mm, Frying Pan: 145*39mm )
Contents Include Titanium Pot and Lid with Mesh Bag
Size Stowed D 5.75" H 5.9" (145*145mm)
Made In Japan