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Snow Peak Tarp Guide

Snow Peak Tarp Guide

Gather outside in any condition under a sturdy and dependable tarp from Snow Peak's range of Japanese designed tarps that'll have your camping experience feeling like a home away from home. Snow Peak have thoughtfully designed their tarps to be easily transportable with a quick setup and tough enough for inclement weather so you can gather outside comfortably even when the sun isn't shining. Find the right tarp for your next outdoor gathering with a range of functional sizes and elegant shapes to choose from.

Takibi Tarp Octa

The ultimate tarp for gathering outdoors with your Snow Peak Snow Peak Pack and Carry Fireplace Starter Kit. The Octa features an aramid liner, which allows you to enjoy campfires all year round without being exposed to the elements. This cleverly designed tarp has an elevated space that will fit up to 8 people and due to its aramid liner, you and the fire can sit underneath and stay protected from whatever weather the season throws at you.

HD Tarp Shield Mawe L

Snow Peak's HD Tarp Shield Mawe L is most ideal when the clouds are threatening to open up. When it's raining, the steep angular edges at the back of the tarp (away from the living space) allow the water to run off so you can enjoy plenty of dry undercover area even on the dampest days. On the other hand, when it's scorching hot, and you need shade, the tarp provides ample protection for staying cool out of the sun. Featuring a low centre and three strategically positioned 240cm poles to maximise the space underneath, the HD Mawe L tarp is spacious and large enough for families and groups to gather together at mealtimes and out of the weather. 

HD Hexa Tarp L

Snow Peak's HD Hexa Tarp L is a quality tarp designed for groups of up to 6 people. This durable and water repellent tarp is a great addition for any camping trip or family day out. It's easy to set up and can withstand strong winds and stay covered from the sun on summer days with Snow Peak shield processing. The HD Hexa Tarp L is also available as a set, including poles, stakes and a peg hammer. See how this tarp compares to the HD Tarp Shield Hexa Evo Pro in the video below. 

HD Tarp Shield Hexa Evo Pro

One of the simplest and most versatile tarp designs on the market. The Snow Peak HD Tarp Shield Hexa Evo Pro shelters a large number of people and can be used for a variety of purposes such as food prepping, gathering and dining. The elegant shape creates a central gathering space that’s functional and because of its innovative design can house multiple tents, swags and living areas underneath. The HD Tarp Shield Hexa Evo Pro is compatible with the Takibi Inner Roof, a fire-resistant inner liner so you can set up your Pack & Carry Fireplace under your tarp. 




Covered Area


Takibi Tarp Octa

6-8 people


5.1m x 4.5m

2 x 280cm poles

2 x 140cm poles

8 x stakes

HD Tarp Shield

Mawe L

6 people


4m x 5.1m

3 x 240cm poles

10 x stakes

HD Hexa Tarp L

6 people


5.7m x 5m

2 x 240 or 280 poles 

8 x stakes

HD Tarp Shield

Hexa Evo Pro

4-6 people


6.4m x 5.6m

2 x 240 or 280 poles

6 x stakes

About Poles and Other Accessories

Each Snow Peak tarp includes a carry bag, pole case, peg case and guy lines. However, poles and pegs are sold separately. Snow Peak have a selection of pole heights to choose from allowing you to customise your tarp setup to best suit your needs. For example, you may choose a combination of longer and shorter poles and set up one side of your tarp at a lower height for further protection from the elements. Snow Peak's poles break down into four shorter pieces for compact storage, this also allows to customise the height of each pole by leaving a section out or adding a section in. Shop Snow Peak Wing Poles here.

Other accessories offered by Snow Peak to assist in your tarp setup include hand-forged S55C steel pegs, available in different lengths to suit different applications. Snow Peak's Solid Stakes feature a large head for easy hammering and a hole for quick and easy removal. The hook also adds extra strength in the ground should you need it. Shop Snow Peak's Solid Stakes here. Snow Peak's Solid Stakes work seamlessly with their Peg Hammer. Available in either a copper or steel head, this hammer is made from forged steel using an age-old manufacturing process. The result is a strong, reliable hammer designed to bang pegs into the harshest terrain, offering an even blow and decreasing shock while hammering. The extended head makes removing the Snow Peak Solid Stakes simple. Shop the Snow Peak Peg Hammer here.

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